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To the Mean Streets of Queen Anne

This half of The Beard Hour, still repping the 434 in spirit, now resides in Seattle. I had meant to post the playlists for the final six or seven shows, but I can't imagine anyone is really that interested. They were really good shows, if you'll take my word for it, bolstered by a late quarter appearance by Caleb King and a seven hour 11-6 AM finale. You can imagine how that went down.

But for now: no radio. I want to transition towards a legit African radio show at KBCS out here, but I'm waiting until some job things fall into place first. By which I mean, I'm waiting for this grocery store to call me back and then I have to start searching again. After that though, I'm hoping to get on the weekly Congolese jams route, but we will see what happens. Seattle is a funny place, as different from a city as I could imagine, but good so far.

And now, in purely photographic format, the journey from Charlottesville to Seattle, starring Mike, Chelsea, and myself, as well as a Nissan Xterra and my fifteen year old Subaru legacy.

those are great pictures. post some more! miss you guys.

Nailgun misses the Beard Hour. Hope you guys are doing great!

I'm definitely visiting.

Wow! Thanks for sharing those pictures—they are great. Is that seriously the view from your place? Awesome. xo

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